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2023 Results

Apparently we regained our friendship

with Mother Nature !

The weather held out and over 150 cars showed up ! Which meant about 350

people at the LEC for endless door prizes and staggering donations ! ya..a NEW record for Donations !!  over $35,ooo.00 !!!!!!!!!! and a Huge/fantastic array of toys !

Lots of people brought their "good cars" and lots of decorated vehicles !!

The GVCCC would just like to THANK everyone who takes this event as seriously

as WE do !

It makes the effort to keep it going for the past 40 Years all worth it !

Congrats to ...the BCHRA (37members)-best club turnout

B.C.Corvette Club-Best dressed driver and crew

Mavis Hnidy(59 Plymouth)-Best decorated vehicle

Well we have always felt that we had a good relationship with MotherNature...but apparently we were wrong ...LOL    The weather for this year was a lil ugly to say the least  :)  snow rain in the morning and it actually stopped raining for about 20 minutes just to taunt us  :)   And with that...We at 'Kruise fo Kids' would like to send out our deepest THANX to all those who braved the weather and unselfishly supported the event !    

Soooo....down to the results....1st off-Best Club turnout = BCHRA-17 cars

Canadian FalconFairlaneComet Club-15 cars..

Acrophobiacs Custom Car Club-5cars..ThunderKings-4cars 

The 'coveted' custom tool box courtesy of AXE Graphics=Dave MacQuarrie

Best Decorated Vehicle= Mavis Hnidy,with her 59 Fury (2nd year in a row)

Best Dressed Driver and Crew=Mavis and Mike as the Grinch and Cindy loo Who

   We do not have totals on the 'cash donations' as of this posting...but we may have set a 'new record' again, due to substantial donations from our diehard supporters....we expect the $$ to be in excess of $33,000 !!!!!!!!!!

Our thanks and respect go to all who help this event be the success that is !!!

Next year will be our 40th !!....Get ready  !!!

Thanx to Dan Ferguon and the Langley Advance  

Thanx to Kylie for enduring the weather and taking pics

2021- Holy Smoke folks !!!

We don't know what to say besides THANK YOU !!!!  

     It's not confirmed yet but we think we set a New Record this year for cash donations...We are over $30,000 !!! and 1200+ toys!!

Congrats to the BC Corvette Club on winning "Best Club Display" and "Best Club Turnout"

     And to Mavis Hnidy with her 1959 Fury on winning "Best Decorated Vehicle"..and to Dennis Adams with his 35 Ford for winning the coveted "custom tool box" from AXE Graphics!

big thanx to everyone for their contributions

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